Your Biggest Supporter is…

If you want to achieve your goals in life, don’t count on others for support. You will find yourself disappointed and disgusted. If support is what triggers your success, then you are set up to fail. You have to understand the definition of a supporter. It is one who contributes to your success by fulfilling one simple task or request. For instance, a person who buys your product or service is a supporter. A person who tells someone about your product or service is a supporter. They are generally not required to do any more than that, unless you specify otherwise.

Don’t confuse people who support you with those who actually believe in you. People who believe in you are willing to go the extra mile. Many times, they will take the initiative to do things you haven’t asked them to. Sometimes, they are your friends, but many times, they are not. Strangers or associates sometimes believe in you more than your family, friends, and so-called supporters. If you can’t fathom that, it’s because they have led you to believe otherwise. I wouldn’t say that they are wrong for feeling the way they do. It’s just that success does not look good in its infancy stage. Plus, if you have a history of failures, it just makes it that much easier for a person not to believe in you. It comes easy for strangers and associates because they do not know what your track record looks like. Thus, if you sound convincing enough, they will lend their support and believe in you, as long as they can see that you believe in yourself.

So my advice is to not become discouraged when you discover that your supporters don’t believe in you. You haven’t proven yourself yet. Celebrities did not get all the love they do, until they became famous. Before many of them reached stardom, their support system was weak. Keep believing in yourself and taking the necessary steps toward your success. And when you get there, don’t shun those who didn’t support you; teach them how to get there.

And remember…
“Make sense of what you do, and make every cent count.”

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