Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

“If I can’t see your eyes, then all I see is lies. Your wardrobe speaks truth, but it’s only a disguise. Sunday suits on the Sabbath, business suits on Monday, you could fool a judge and juror without saying a thing. You can’t hide behind your makeup. You can’t hide behind your name. You may be rewarded differently, but you’ll be judged the same.”

When people say, “Everything that glitters ain’t gold”, they are telling the truth. But when a person says, “You can trust me “, then he or she is usually telling a lie. A person who is trustworthy does not have to declare that statement. Trustworthy people walk and talk confidently knowing they have sound evidence to support their claim of integrity and nobility. Wolves in sheep’s clothing are always watching their backs and talking slick. In other words, wolves in sheep’s clothing are always prepared to tell a lie, whereas trustworthy people are always prepared to tell the truth.

So don’t be so quick to accept that invitation from your co-worker, classmate, neighbor, or even church member without first checking his or her resume. He might be plotting and scheming while preying on your innocence. He’s giving rides in stolen cars, feeding the hungry with drug money, saving souls and poking holes, and spreading aids while spreading the word.

Doing one good deed does not make you a righteous person, especially if it’s just a cover up. You’re poisoning good soil every time you make a move. Just because you were born into sin, it doesn’t mean you have to continue living that way. Sinning in secrecy is no different from sinning openly. At least, people would be able to see your truth then.

Be honest with yourself and others because deceit has unfavorable consequences. I’d rather be a work in progress with less stress than a bold betrayer swimming in a mess.

And remember…
“Make sense of what you do, and make every cent count.”

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Photo: Flickr. A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing by Robin Hutton CC
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