About Me

Hi fans!  The two most important things to remember about me is that I love people, but I hate conflict.  I see so much conflict on television, social media sites, YouTube videos, and etc.  The negative broadcasts outweigh the positives because so many people like conflict.  In an effort to reshape this distorted society, collectively, we can leverage the socioeconomic changes affecting our communities by fostering leadership and collaboration. Thus, my goal is to address common issues and behaviors poisoning relationships, social groups, and our youth.  Change starts with the thought process and trickles down to everyday behavior.  Like many of you, I am a work in progress, but as long as I continue to see progress in myself, I am confident that I can influence positivism in others.  Besides that, I am a mother of four, wife of a trophy, full-time employee, and college graduate.  I enjoy writing and helping people so much that I decided to create this blog site.

My mission is to educate, inspire, and entertain ordinary people striving to stay uplifted and positive in a world of change, challenge, and competition.  Some people seek answers to their problems from the wrong sources, causing them to make bad decisions.  I am no psychiatrist, but I have had enough life experiences and witnessed the results of poor choices, to qualify me to give sound advice.  Most of my content is subjective.  That is why I gladly welcome comments.  I do not generalize because one size never fits all.  I just want to deliver powerful, motivational messages that many of us can relate to in our everyday lives.

Well, that’s enough about me.  I would love to hear your personal anecdotes and feedback.

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