Career vs. Job: Know the Difference

As a person who has been rejected a ton of times and hopped from job to job (including lay-offs), I thought it would only be fair to share my experience with career/job placement. I hope you can benefit from my message.

When seeking employment, you have to know the difference between a career and a job, so you can be more specific in your search. Simply put, a job is an assignment. You are paid to do a particular task(s) to satisfy production needs or service requests. There is usually little or no opportunity for advancement in your position. Though you may still be eligible for benefits and pay raises, your position does not increase in value.

A career is an advancement because it takes you a step closer to your destiny. A career allows you to move up within a company or organization and gain knowledge and skills that can be carried over into your own company. If you are not learning anything new in your current position, then you have a job, not a career. If you can’t move up in your current position, then you have a job, not a career.

On another note, your attitude can determine whether or not you have a job or career also. There are job-minded and career-oriented individuals. In other words, a person holding a career position has a job, if the individual is not mentally prepared to take on more responsibility or acquire the skills needed to advance. For example, a cashier at a grocery store will always be just a cashier, if he or she does not display the ability to take on a more important role, like supervisor or manager.

In summary, most jobs can become careers, as long as the individual displays readiness. If you know you are job-minded, do not seek a supervisor position just for a chance of earning more money. Instead, get a regular job, and supplement your income using your gifts and talents. Even if the employer is desperate enough to hire you, your term will be short. However, if you are seeking a career, be sure to research the opportunity for advancement before applying or accepting the offer. If not, you will find yourself job hopping. And that’s another topic.

And remember…
“Make sense of what you do, and make every cent count.”

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