Spare the Negatives, Share the Positives

Have you ever seen a beat-down that didn’t go viral? That’s because people love to be entertained, even if it’s negative. Most of the time, it involves women and teenagers. While we are shaking our heads and sharing, what are we doing to promote change in our communities? It is not until one of our own loved ones get murdered behind those kind of incidents that we decide to speak up and show out. But oftentimes, it starts on social media. If you recognize any individual in those videos who seems to be antagonizing the situation, you should not encourage it; in fact, you should find a way to address the problem. A simple conversation can go a long way. Quite often, the antagonist is an adult. That is totally unacceptable! People are behaving in this manner because they think it is okay. But I am here to tell you that it is never okay to showcase or promote a beating on social media. It does not matter who started it. No one deserves this type of humiliation. These kids are feeling like champions on the Internet, yet they feel challenged when taking a standardized test. As you can see, it still takes a village to raise children.

Women, we have got to do better. No college offers a degree in twerking, and having cat fights over men is not classy. Moreover, if your rear end is your biggest asset, you will surely retire broke. Twerkers, the time it takes for you to create and upload those senseless videos of you shaking your behind, you could be pursuing a career as a choreographer. You’ve got the fundamentals. Bad girls who love to fight, take that energy to the ring and make some money. Lela Ali never has to fight again. Booty and beyond, have you considered starting your own modeling agency? You could create a new category. You should even consider starting your own clothing line for curvy women like yourself.

Take a few minutes and assess your own behavior, so that you can see where you may have fallen through the cracks. It’s okay that you are not perfect. Neither am I. Even some plants lose their perfect shape over time, especially if they lack nutrition. Feed your soul with proper nutrition, and watch how things start to change in your life. In the meantime, spare the negative media, and share the positives. You may be helping someone without realizing it.

And remember…
“Make sense of what you do, and make every cent count.”

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Photo: Flickr. Fighting by Discutivo CC

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