You are the Father!

It was a cold winter night. You were drinking. So was she. One thing led to another, and your lover conceived. When she tells you she’s pregnant, you reply, “For me?” If chickens can lay eggs, then so can she. No protection was used, yet you are wondering how it’s possible. If you would have put down that bottle, you wouldn’t have to face this obstacle.

Men, you have to take responsibility for your actions. You can enjoy the company of a female without getting her pregnant. If you didn’t trust her, then why did you sleep with her, let alone fail to use protection? Do you think you are exempt from catching STDs? There is no cure for HIV. And if there is, you probably can’t afford it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be all tense behind taking care of a child you claim is not yours. Women have it hard enough having to carry the child. It puts even more stress on her when the man she slept with denies her child.

Don’t let a one night stand turn you into a father you are not ready to be. That’s why there are so many illegitimate children in the world seeking the love and attention missing from the absent parent. This is especially true for young women. Do you ever wonder why some girls are easy or always have their hands out? It’s because a daddy is the first man in a girl’s life. He spoils her and treats her like a princess. When she becomes a woman, she doesn’t settle for empty love and does not need your handouts. The absence of this kind of love leads to a broken heart and empty pockets. Every female is different, of course, but this is true for many.

So if you are not ready to man up and take responsibility, keep it in your pants or wear protection next time. If you could never see yourself building a family with her, don’t even take the chance.

And remember…
“Make sense of what you do, and make every cent count.”

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