Ignorance Is At An All-Time High

What is the world coming to? I expect to see ignorance on reality shows and social media but politics? Evidently, sex is not the only thing that sells nowadays. As a savvy businessman and reality show star, Trump is well versed in playing on the stupidity that drives America wild. We are so caught up in entertainment that we can’t even tell when we are being played or punked.

Grab ’em by the pussy, build a wall, and make America great again all came out of the same mouth. Hilarious, right? 916 million loss…really or not really? Funny or not so funny? What’s even more ridiculous is how celebrities endorse this idiot. Yup, the same celebrities many of us celebrate, support, and aspire to be like. This is not to say that Hilary would have been a better candidate with her hidden agenda. She’s clearly a sophisticated liar. But when it comes to choosing the lesser of the two evils, America chose the one who was the most entertaining with his blatant, evasive oration style.

Clearly, Trump isn’t the only idiot operating in pure ignorance in America. His followers are just as ignorant, putting America at a political disadvantage. Hence, followers of this type of behavior are not capable of choosing effective leaders. Anyone who is so consumed with reality shows and the lives of celebrities is a bonafide airhead. Don’t tell me a person’s behavior and history doesn’t matter, for it has mattered for years. It mattered when Obama was president. It mattered when Clinton was president. It mattered when Bush was president. And it mattered for all dead presidents. Did it stop them from winning? Of course not. That’s why America will never be great! In my 37 years of living, I have yet to see greatness come from any of the former presidents of my era. Obama and Clinton came close, but even they were not great. I’ve seen good but not great ones. Lincoln was one of the greatest presidents of the United States, but his tenure was before my time. Nevertheless, it is hard to obtain greatness in these times, for it is blocked by ignorance.

Many times, your choices are a direct reflection of you. In my opinion, putting Trump in office was an ignorant choice. It would have been better to not cast a vote at all. But America’s choice does not surprise me. The behavior of several citizens of this “Christian” country is absurd and insane, so why should their choices be any different? We devalue ourselves with immorality, apathy, injustice and lack of integrity. No, we are not the most corrupt country, but we are definitely not the most clean. I think police brutality victims’ family members can attest to that.

Until we can identify the KKK as a domestic terrorist group, the war against terrorism will never end. If we allow our own people to remain under attack, why wouldn’t they attack us?

And remember…
“Make sense of what you do, and make every cent count.”

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Photo: Flickr. Trump by IoSonoUnaFotoCamera CC

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