Internet Thuggin’ Ain’t Saying Nothing

If fights on social media could actually come to life, they would be something to see. It would be pure bloodshed! Internet thuggin’ or as some would say, “thumb thuggin” is very common nowadays. In a sense, I guess it’s better than having a real fight because typically no one becomes physically harmed. Nevertheless, I really don’t get the social media beef among people who know each other. Many times, they are supposed to be so-called friends or acquaintances. It usually starts from a subliminal message intended for the person who the beef is with. At least, the other person assumes it is for him or her. That’s why social media is not a good place to vent.

The guilty party always replies to the post. Of course, she’s paying most attention because she knows that she may have offended that person. Instead of texting that person directly (because they usually have each other’s number), the guilty person decides to reply in a slick or unfriendly way. Now the emotional roller coaster starts, and things start to get ugly. Before you know it, the two are exchanging expletives and fighting words over the Internet. In many cases, the fight never happens. However, in some cases, it does.

Do you know what kind of message you are sending about yourself when you engage in such fight with a friend? For one, you are not a true friend. For two, you are a coward. For three, you’re guilty. For four, you’re delusional! People have every right to post whatever they want to, including how they are feeling at the time. Nonetheless, what used to be private conversations with a trusted person has become the world’s business.

New technology should never dispose of good old habits. In the past, you would have called or confronted that person, especially a friend or close acquaintance. Why have a meaningless battle on social media with a friend when you have other means of communicating? I can kind of see this happening among strangers, for it does all the time but not friends and associates. Is it really worth humiliating a friend out of feelings? Feelings are temporary, but friendships are supposed to be forever. Would you want to be remembered as the person who sabotaged a friendship on the Internet? I surely hope not. Not only is your friendship at stake but so is your character.

Words of Wisdom

Be slow to speak, and think before you act. You never who is watching and might be placed in a position to elevate you. Some employers visit potential applicants’ social media pages just to get insight on their behavior and character. Once you put it out there, it’s out there, even after you delete it. It can take months or even years to paint a new picture of a different you. When your thumbs go to typing, people are watching. With that being said, let your messages be remembered in a positive light. Use your voice to uplift, encourage, inspire, empower, and motivate others.

And remember…
“Make sense of what you do, and make every cent count.”

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