Spread Cheer All Year

‘Tis the season to be jolly…fa la la la la la la la la. I’m sure you all are familiar with that famous line. It brings warmth and cheer during the Christmas season, doesn’t it? Well why is it that we don’t strive to spread warmth and cheer all throughout the year? It saddens me to see how cruel people can be towards one another all throughout the year, then turn around and act like angels and saints during the Christmas season. Something’s wrong with that picture.

If during the Christmas season is the only time you are giving and showing love and care for others, you are a hypocrite. Doing good deeds only during the Christmas holidays and major world crises do not make you a virtuous person. It makes you a pretentious person. If no one else was giving during the holidays, you probably wouldn’t either. I’m not saying you are malign either, but you’re definitely not a saint.

People need love, care, and attention all throughout the year, not just at Christmas. I believe if people exercised their due diligence all year long, less people would suffer and succumb to the evils of the world. People should not have to wait until the end of the year or some major catastrophe to happen just to get help. We love to offer our prayers as support, but prayer with no action is not substantial. God puts people in place on Earth to do His works. If you didn’t believe so, then you would let God himself deliver gifts at Christmas time.

Every day, people need food. Every day, people need money. Every day, people need support. Every day, people need love, care, attention, prayers, etc. You needed it when you lost your loved one. You needed it when you lost your job. You needed it when you were destitute. You needed it when you were trying something new. You needed it when you were lonely. You needed it after your divorce. You needed it when you had moments of despair, anxiety, and pity. Because you know what it feels like to have a need, you should always be prepared to be a blessing.

I see many people’s requests and outcries get ignored all the time. When a person loses a loved one, many offer prayers and condolences. Some want to know how did so and so die? But how many offer their money, time, or services? Why must one be a celebrity or other iconic figure to gain support? Why must it capture the world’s attention to create a sense of urgency? Why must people die to get the attention they needed when they were alive? You can promote the welfare of others with your own good works. You can bring out the best in people by doing something good for them. Many people who do good works all throughout the year either have empathy, a zeal for helping people, and/or they are simply paying it forward.

If ever someone has to tell you to do a good deed, you should reflect on your own life, count your blessings, and rethink your morality.

And remember…
“Make sense of what you do, and make every cent count.”

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