Love Has No Limits

It’s so easy to love someone who brings joy to your life.
It’s so easy to love someone who does everything right.
It’s so easy to love someone who meets your every need.
It’s so easy to love someone who wants you to succeed.

It’s so hard to forgive when that someone breaks your heart.
It’s so easy to forget that he was there from the start.
It’s so hard to move on from one bad mistake.
It’s so easy to turn that former love into hate.
It’s so hard to accept that people are going to mess up.
It’s so easy to turn your back and say you’ve had enough.

How can you get full off of one guilty plea?
How could you forget about all his good deeds?
If one wrong move causes you to give it up,
Your love was never enough to sustain anyone’s trust.

Love has no limits.
Love isn’t fake.
Love is forgiveness.
Love isn’t hate.

Love lasts forever.
Love heals all wounds.
Love brings people together.
Love does not assume.

Love is a river.
Your heart is it’s bank.
Love is a giver,
Even after one takes.

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Beans and greens every week,
Salad and fruit every day,
One child on the hip,
One child in the play pin,
One child in the high chair
And one child working your last nerve.

Boys making trouble in the neighborhood
And acting a fool in school.
Daddy’s working a full time job,
Side jobs, and odd jobs.
So it’s all on you.

House is a wreck,
Dishes are piling up,
Clothes are stacked high as the ceiling,
Baby is about to wake up.

Daddy needs his uniform pressed.
The baby needs to be fed.
The kids need to be dropped off at school.
But you’re running out of time.
The school bell is about to sound.
So you hop in the car with your night gown on,
And Mr. Brown wants to talk to you about your child’s behavior.

Report card conference is later that day.
The light bill is due on that same day.
You’re running low on cash and gas.
You’ve just realized the baby needs pampers.
Oh, and the kids have early release.

Now the car won’t crank up,
But daddy’s at work.
Sister needs to be picked up
Because her tummy hurts.

No time to cook a meal.
So banana sandwiches will have to do.
Brother needs help with his homework,
And the nosy neighbor wants to gossip with you.

You made the impossible possible.
Tell me, “How’d you do it?”
There’s not enough time in a day
To do all you did.

I’m saved because of you.
You made me who I am today.
You instilled the best morals and values.
How could I every repay?

I didn’t get pregnant at sixteen because of you.
I didn’t cut class because of you.
I didn’t smoke or drink because of you.
I didn’t do drugs because of you.
I didn’t sell my body because of you.
I didn’t commit a crime because of you.

I did go to church because of you.
I did go to college because of you.
I did get married because of you.
I did save my marriage because of you.

I do pray because of you.
I do keep my word because of you.
I do eat healthy because of you.
And I like to write poetry because of you.

You always went above and beyond.
You never took shortcuts.
You never cared about what others thought of you,
Saying thirteen kids were too many.
I have enough siblings to open up a business,
And it’s because you saw the value
In keeping each one of us.

Who are they to judge anyway?
How dare they speak negatively of you?
You kept your family together,
You were our spiritual glue.

You never left us,
And you always made sure we had.
You dug in your purse fishing around for money,
Even if it was your last.

Today, I wear your teachings.
Today, I repeat your words.
Today, I call you my hero.
In case you haven’t heard.

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Right Before My Eyes, I Surely Could’ve Died

It was a typical day for me, but apparently not for my car.
Had I known it would stop on me, I wouldn’t have gone far.
It had problems in the past, but none that I couldn’t bear.
I really thought that it would last, for its condition was fair.
I guess I trusted it too much, but who could blame me?
With a body like that, how bad could the pain be?
If I was to have a collision or run into a pole.
I knew my car would protect me, despite that it was old.
I took good care of that car,
But the car didn’t take care of me.
How could I be so stupid?
To trust a ’94 GMC.
I could have lost my life.
I wouldn’t be here today.
To tell you about a time
I thought I’d cast away.

I was driving through the city, N’awlins, they call it.
Decided to go a little farther – like an alcoholic.
I went one mile too many, and my car began to slow down.
At the high rise of the bridge, I almost got knocked around.
I immediately panicked and broke out into sweats.
Drivers swerved around me, as if I made them upset.
I kept trying to crank it up, hoping I could at least make the exit.
But it ignored my requests, as if it never got the message.

Help is on the way! Help is on the way! Here comes traffic patrol!
I thought I was getting out of that mess, but boy was I wrong.
He proceeded to push my vehicle…but to my fate,
The vehicle sped down the curve, with no power steering or brakes.
I thought I was going off of the bridge!
I thought I was going to die!
My heart was in flames – like a jilted bride.
It kept going faster and faster!
I couldn’t make it slow down!
I felt like I had been pushed.
But the question remains, “How?”
Was it an invisible hand?
Did someone put a hex on me?
Was it all a part of a plan?
To wish death upon me?
I couldn’t believe what was happening.
I just wanted it all to end.
I couldn’t depart from life like that.
I wanted to see my family again.

Suddenly, the car began to slow down.
I felt a breath of fresh air.
My ordeal was almost over.
And my life would be spared.
My car stopped in the nick of time,
Before hitting the one in front of me.
An angel arrived at the drop of a dime.
And I’m alive to share this because of thee.

I’ll never forget that bridge.
I’ll never forget that day.
I’ll never forget that car.
It’s all on instant replay.

I’ll forever remember that angel,
Whose invisible hand saved my life.
I’ll forever remember the relief I felt,
When I realized I was all right.

You couldn’t pay me to relive that moment.
I couldn’t do it if I tried.
Had it not been for my angel,
I surely could have died.
I surely could have died.
I surely could have died.
Right before my eyes, I surely could have died.

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