What LGBT Should Stand For

In my opinion, LGBT should stand for Let’s Give Back Together. As for the LGBT community, I can’t gauge how much they’ve given back to their individual communities, but at least they’ve taken the first step. I don’t agree with their lifestyle, but I do admire how they come together with a common interest in an effort to achieve a common goal. I don’t see enough togetherness in the Black community and even some White communities because they are too divided by distrust, selfishness, greed, and hate. We as a people need to put our ill feelings aside and promote change in our individual communities, for the benefit of our youth. Children are watching our behavior, good and bad. Hence, we have to learn to lead by example. I’m sure we all want our kids to walk a straight path, but we must first master that skill ourselves. Instead of shaking our heads and bad mouthing lost and misguided kids, we need to figure out how we can win them over because they ARE our future, like it or not.

Ways that we can come together…

The best way to come together is through sports. Most people in America love sports. I’ve seen Blacks, Whites, and Latinos in harmony shouting from the bleachers and commenting on the plays and players. If you have a child that plays sports, organize a meeting with parents to discuss ideas for a youth social club. If your children are not involved in any sport or club, you should get them involved in something other than that game, cell phone, or laptop because it’s programming them to become robots. I don’t know if robots will ever become the wave of the future, but for now, they need to learn how to be humans. So many kids graduate from high school and even college without a clear understanding of their role in society. Consequently, they end up just like many of us, doing absolutely nothing of service in our communities. If you get paid to serve in your community, kudos to you! If you don’t, it’s because your role does not require payment. Do it proudly! You don’t have to get paid for everything you do, especially when serving a good cause.

Another way to come together is through church. If you are a church goer, just showing up every Sunday isn’t enough. Sitting on the front row every Sunday will not secure you a spot on the front row in heaven. Virtually every church has different ministries within it. If you are not serving on any, you should consider picking one. Nowadays, there are so many to choose from. Choose one that fits your calling, and you might stand a good chance of getting that front row seat in heaven.

Last but certainly not least, join an adult social club and serve with them. It’s also a great way to network and have fun while doing so. As you can see, coming together to give back is not so hard. Once you see the difference you can make using your time and talents, it will make your heart smile, if you have one.

And remember…
“Make sense of what you do, and make every cent count.”

What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear them.

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