Justice for Amy-Joyner Francis

On April 21, 2016, we lost the Legendary Prince, but we also lost an honor roll student over senseless violence among teenagers. A school bathroom beating at Howard High School of Technology in Delaware claimed the life of 16-year old Amy Joyner-Francis. To make matters worse, the three girls involved, one being the attacker, posted insulting comments and messages about the victim on social media after her death. They even went as far as bragging about what they did to her on social media, before they realized the charges they could face. According to sources, the whole plot to attack Amy was over a boy. Currently, the attacker is being charged with negligent homicide and the two schemers were charged with third-degree conspiracy. It appears that Amy had a hole in her heart prior to the fight. An autopsy revealed that the cardiac incident Amy died of was triggered by the blows from the fight. Nevertheless, the attacker’s defense attorney insists that Amy’s death was a result of her heart condition alone.

First, I can’t help but mention how outraged I am about the whole ordeal. This should’ve never happened to a young girl at school or anywhere, and the way the case is being handled is a total disgrace! Second, those three girls were well aware of their actions and felt no remorse. This was a planned attacked, not a spontaneous one. If they are old enough to plan such attack, then they are old enough to receive the appropriate charges. Third, they used social media as a playground to air their ill sentiments about the victim and the incident. How could you relish in the death of a classmate, as if it’s something to be celebrated? Fourth, why weren’t the girls’ cell phones confiscated after the fatal incident? Their parents should have taken their phones immediately after the incident, or their phone activity should have been closely monitored.

Parents, please start paying more attention to your child’s behavior, company, and social media engagement. Your child could be the next one plotting an attack on someone. Stop giving them privacy, and quit trying to be their friends instead of their parents. Children do not need privacy, and there is a difference between parenthood and friendship. Do not confuse the two. Friends do not discipline each other, yet they respect each other’s privacy. Parents discipline their kids and let them serve their punishments in privacy. That’s about it. Parents should enforce rules and dismiss privacy because as you can see, private affairs usually have negative outcomes.

Parents, I challenge you to talk to your kids, and listen to what they have to say. You can make them feel comfortable with talking to you, without trying to be their friend. Children can have friends. You just have to make it your business to get to know their friends. I encourage friendships among children, as long as they’re healthy. Kids need to be around other kids their age to help develop their social skills. But if you don’t screen their friends, they can surely poison your children.

And remember…
“Make sense of what you do, and make every cent count.”

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