Bad Bosses

Have you ever had a manager or supervisor you just did not like? That one who once had the same position as you? That one who takes too much pride in having a little power? That one who knit picks to try to make him or herself look busy? That one who likes to micromanage? Some people should never be promoted to higher positions because they just don’t know how to act when they get there. If this is you, get off of your high horse and bow down because you are not the CEO. One wrong move could place you right back in a subordinate position but not necessarily with that company. In other words, you are still employed at-will, and you are not irreplaceable. Therefore, the company has every right to move you around the checker board or just kick you off. Sometimes, it’s just easier to kick you off. You’re no more valuable to the company than anyone else, so don’t toot your horn too loud.

Listen up people. A promotion is a beautiful thing. Oftentimes, it means you have demonstrated exceptional performance that captured the eye of the big wigs. Other times, it means that either someone liked you a lot or you’re related to someone higher up. For those of you who’ve actually worked your way up to this position, you wear a badge of honor for maintaining your professionalism and good work ethic, while putting up with the knuckleheads at work. For those of you who had favor but didn’t necessarily qualify for the position, please gain some humility and take some classes on how to be an effective manager or supervisor. However you got there, you have to work even harder to stay there. There is always someone competing for your position. Hence, be careful of how you treat people because one day, you just might have to bow down to them.

And remember…
“Make sense of what you do, and make every cent count.”

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