Detoxify Your Circle

Just as your body needs cleansing, so does your circle. There may be some people in your circle of friendship poisoning your spirit without you even realizing it, especially if you talk to or hang around that person often. Like food, the harmful effects are usually not noticed right away. However, over time, you may find yourself quoting some of the same things that person says, displaying some of the same behaviors, and possibly making some of the same decisions or basing your decisions about certain things off of what he or she has said. As long as the effects are healthy, so is the friendship. But if you pick up on some bad habits from being around that person, then you should remove he or she from your circle. If your whole circle is toxic, then you should remove yourself.

How do I detoxify my circle?

There is no easy way of doing this without creating bitter feelings. That person may not even realize he or she has a negative effect on you. Most people only know how to be themselves. You can’t expect people to change when they are not even aware of their actions. Some people are aware and just don’t care. Regardless, toxins are not good for the body and life itself. Whether you just stop talking to them all together or verbally express your feelings, that person will probably never look at you the same. You will soon be known as fake, stuck up, conceited, or any other name that fits. Of course, the better outcome would be from telling that person, but how many of us can achieve that without some type of conflict? How can you tell someone you just don’t want to be friends anymore? An ignorant or nasty acting person would not take that well. A rebellious or confrontational person would not receive that very well either. If so, there probably wouldn’t be a need to fall back from that person. Nevertheless, you have to do what you have to do. They’ll eventually get it. The two of you can be cordial and respectful to each other without being friends. Try it!

If you really want your friendships to work, try communicating with each other and being more understanding. Realize that a person’s goals might create some distance between the two of you. Ask yourself if you would befriend a person like yourself. If you claim to be a Christian or spiritual person, ask yourself if you are a living example. If no one else wants to be friends with you, or if your friends or slowly but surely falling like leaves, ask yourself whether or not you’ve been a good friend to them. When they try to tell you about your behavior, do you even listen? While they are spending time trying to get ahead, how are you spending yours? Are you motivated by their actions, or are you secretly hating on them? Don’t get mad because they quit you without giving a two weeks notice. Stop making excuses and elevate yourself. You never know, you might become qualified to be called a friend again.

And remember…
“Make sense of what you do, and make every cent count.”

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