When Days Seem Long, But Time Is Short

Do you ever feel as though your days seem long, but your time is short? How are the two even possible? I’ll tell you how.

So you have 24 hours in a day, right? So it is said that you have eight hours to rest, eight hours to work, and eight hours to play. Well, we all know that is a myth. I wish I had eight hours to play, and I would pay for more rest, if I could.

Anyhow, your days seem long because you are productive. You are working towards your goal, and it is physically and mentally draining you. People who have plenty time on their hands or either disabled, retired, or lethargic. If I could borrow some of their time, I would.

Take breaks, but don’t take shortcuts because soon enough, it will surely pay off. Buy yourself some time and work smarter by delegating, partnering, and multitasking.

Don’t spend so much time doing what someone else can be doing for you. Collaborate instead of competing. And while you are on those conference calls, you can also be typing that email or posting updates.

Your days won’t become shorter in time, but they can become easier and less stressful, if you learn how to work smarter and improvise when necessary.

And remember…
“Make sense of what you do, and make every cent count.”

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Bianca A. McCormick-Johnson

In short, I’m a work of ART (Aptitude, Resolve, & Talent). My goal is to Attract, Retain, and Teach an audience between the ages of 14 to about 50 and beyond the disciplines of life. I’ve been blessed with the gift of giving knowledge and creating peace within the souls of many who are starving for spiritual satisfaction. I’m no prophet, but I do believe that I am one of God’s chosen spiritual leaders and sources of information on how to walk a straight path down a crooked road.

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