You Failed Because You Didn’t Attempt

Failing is not such a bad thing. It’s all about how you perceive it. The biggest failure comes from not trying at all. If you’ve never attempted, how could you possibly know what the outcome would’ve been? You have all these great ideas but no plan for execution. If you don’t put a plan into action, you can surely plan to fail. How many times have you seen your ideas implemented? While you were thinking about it, someone else had already acted on it. While you were dreaming it, someone else was already making it come to fruition. If you don’t leap from your thoughts, you will fool around and miss your opportunity to manifest all that untapped potential.

Some of the best ideas are buried in the grave all because people were too afraid to take a chance. But when you think about it, you take chances in life every day. A chance is no different from a risk because both have consequences. As stated in my book, “I’m G.O.O.D.”, to be released in July 2016, “There are risks in every decision you make. It’s just that some risks are high, medium, or low. You have to determine the level of risk you are taking. Some risks are hard to gauge. In the event, you just have to take a chance. Life is sometimes a gamble you do not have to pay for! You just have to be prudent in your decision-making; but if you are going to succeed, you cannot be afraid of chance. You took a chance when you went to the casino and played poker. You took a chance when you got married. You took a chance when you bought that used car. You even took a chance when you accepted that job. Even bigger, you took a chance when you had sexual intercourse for the very first time and every time afterwards”. As you can see, life is full of chances and in many instances, they are inevitable.

If you are a bit worried about what people might think of your idea, you may have to change your surroundings. The only dumb idea is one that is not converted into a plan of action. If you are not careful of whom you share your ideas with, that person may steal your idea and try to beat you to the punch.

And remember…
“Make sense of what you do, and make every cent count.”

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3 thoughts on “You Failed Because You Didn’t Attempt”

  1. Go head B! Dropping that knowledge,…and that’s something, because one of my latest songs I came up with this called “take a chance”! That’s a sign we on the right page!

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