Too Thot to Trot

That Hoe Over There or “Thot” claims the name of a treacherous female with no shame in her game. How many of us have been thots before we married or settled down with that one person? What possessed you to behave in such manner? What makes you so different now? These questions are not meant to wake dead emotions or criticize your past persona. They are meant to make you think about how you used to be before you matured and became socially responsible.

You may have not been called a thot back then, but you were called some derogatory term such as whore, tramp, or slut. You were popping, shaking, or twerking in daisy dukes and crop tops and having sexual intercourse with different men before you got saved. You didn’t care what you were called as long as it wasn’t done to your face. Some of you even thought it was cool to sleep with married men. Some of you would go as far as seducing another girl’s boyfriend just to prove you can get him. If that’s not thottish, then I don’t know what else to call it.

Where was your head when you were thotting? Did you have some traumatic experience in your early childhood? Maybe mom or dad wasn’t there or showed neglect. Maybe you just wanted to be cool or accepted. Maybe you had low self-esteem. There are numerous reasons that could’ve kept you from being lady-like or modest. You probably didn’t realize that some unfortunate occurrence from your past was the root cause of your present behavior at the time. You just learned to live with it, or better yet, deal with it in such immoral way. No one ever sat you down and taught you how to be a lady, so you had to figure it out on your own or much later in life after making a few mistakes.

Many of you just had to learn from your mistakes because you wouldn’t listen to anybody. Some of you had excellent role models. But you wanted to be accepted by your peers who were thots as well. You later learned that the leader who is ostracized also gets the prize.

Most men do not value anything with a lot of miles on it unless it has a rebuilt engine. Still, he takes a chance on that beauty. Without proper diagnostic and maintenance, other things will start falling apart eventually. The one with less miles usually brings less worries, less drama, and less stress. If you didn’t think so, you wouldn’t have traded in your ’84 Ford or similar.

Young ladies, if you don’t want to be labeled as a thot, don’t behave or dress like one. If priests started wearing white hoods covering their faces, you’d confuse them with the Ku Klux Klan. Mature ladies, don’t judge them. Guide them.

And remember…
“Make sense of what you do, and make every cent count.”

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Photo: Pixabay by Geralt CC

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