Practice What You Preach

Whether you are a pastor, reverend, deacon, or any type of evangelist, this message is for you. I won’t hold you responsible for the disconnected, demonic world we live in, but I will hold you responsible for your actions. You show up on Sundays in your nice church attire, followed by bible study and prayer service during the week. You preach to your congregation about sharing the gospel and ministering to others, and you never fail to mention the significance of sowing seeds. That is all fine and dandy, but how are you leading in your community? If you are only serving from behind the pulpit, I regret to inform you that your work is not done. You’ll never finish mowing the whole lawn by standing in one spot.

There is no way in the world there should be so many lost, unsaved souls when there are churches on virtually every corner in every neighborhood. Do you not understand your role as a Christian or Believer? You preachers today are too comfortable. I remember when churches went out into the neighborhoods to do ministry outreach. Oh, I forgot. That was the Jehovah’s witnesses. If you received a knock on your door at 8am on a Saturday, you knew it wasn’t anybody but the Jehovah’s witnesses. As a matter of fact, they still go out into the community today.

I don’t agree with all their beliefs and practices, but at least they take their religion a step further. Plus, they don’t look for anyone to just show up at their church. They infiltrate the neighborhoods offering prayer and hoping to convert sinners. They even offer a free pamphlet with bible scriptures in it. I know they are not a perfect religion, for none of them are, but I do admire their method for reaching people. I believe every religion can learn something from another, just as republicans can learn something from democrats and vice versa.

Preachers, where were you after all the police shootings? Did you sit and wait for the perpetrators to show up on Sunday? Or did you join with other churches to rally and protest, in a more constructive way, of course? What are you doing outside of the church to introduce people to God? Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fearlessly fought for our freedom.

What are you fighting for other than to be the most recognized or highest paid preacher? You are telling your congregation what they should be doing, but you’re not doing it. I notice how engaged churches are before they become huge. Why stop now? It is going to take the same time and energy expended to build that church to keep it going, but until you train yourself and your members on how to become active servants, you are nothing more than a building.

Devout Christians and Other Believers

Listen up religious folk. You can’t go around judging every sinner when you commit some of the same sins yourself. Just because you are in church, that does not mean you are of the church. Looks to me as though Satan has infiltrated the church. Some of the same people raising hands on Sundays raise hell Monday through Saturday. Carnal Christians take up space in the pews every Sunday to hear the gospel but don’t apply it. You can tell your neighbor what he or she is doing wrong but can’t seem to see your own faults.

Young people are lost and fearless because the communities lack strong leaders. Discipline starts in the home and used to be reinforced in the neighborhoods. You can tell your daughter not to sleep around, but unless you stop sleeping with the pastor, she won’t find fault with her actions. You can tell your son to never raise his hand to a woman, but unless you stop beating his mother, your message has no weight.

Don’t preach to your girlfriend about dragging for others when you can’t stop talking about how fat Sister Patterson is getting. Don’t preach to your podnuh about taking things from work when you are stealing time. Basically, if you are not qualified to give advice, don’t preach to anyone. Instead, pray for them and yourself more.

To preachers who are extending services beyond the pulpit, continue being a blessing to others! To Christians/Believers extending your practices beyond the pew, continue to let your light shine!

And remember…
“Make sense of what you do, and make every cent count.”

What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear them.

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Photo: Flickr. We Have All Sinned! by Keith Davenport CC

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