Jail Time for Brock Turner

I am outraged by the sentence the judge issued Brock Turner for raping an unconscious female behind a dumpster. To make matters worse, the ignorant father of Brock insensitively states that his son does not deserve such harsh punishment for “20 minutes of action”, in response to Brock being kicked off of the swimming team. Is that how you respond to a rape incident that caused a young girl to wake up in a hospital? In the meantime, the victim’s father, Dan Turner, is concerned with his son’s loss of appetite for steak and pretzels after the incident. Since he’s so traumatized and remorseful, let’s just give this white Stanford University student and great swimmer six months to think about what he did. I’m sure he’ll learn his lesson and won’t do it again. He has a bright future ahead of him, and he won’t be able to fulfill his dreams in prison. The mentality of white supremacist is killing off good people while allowing awful people like Brock to survive. Too bad we’ll never know what kind of future Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland and so many others would have had because they are not here to share. That young lady might still be alive in a physical sense, but Brock killed her spirit the day he raped her.

Even if the parent of a black or brown person did submit a persuasive letter to the judge in defense, it will never uphold in the court of law. Black and brown people have been raped sexually, mentally, and spiritually for myriad years we can never get back. I don’t think Dan Turner would’ve reacted in the same way, had the young girl been his daughter. It’s funny how a person’s whole perspective of a crime changes when he or she becomes the perpetrator. I have zero sympathy for Brock Turner! He was well aware of his actions, and he SHOULD pay a steep price! I don’t care what color he is, how many medals he may have earned for swimming, and how intelligent he might be. He is an unleashed beast with no regard for humankind! My forefathers were intelligent and talented, yet they were beaten and hung for 400 years because of the color of their skin. Hence, 40 years wouldn’t hurt him. My people get issued that sentence relentlessly for lesser crimes.

To men of all colors, you do not have to rape a women for sexual pleasure or whatever your sick satisfaction might be. There are too many women who take pleasure in sadomasochism, pornography, prostitution and the like. Some are just freaks by nature, but most of them are not out here raping men.

And remember…
“Make sense of what you do, and make every cent count.”

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