Compete with a Purpose

Everyone has a mission specific to the individual. If people would focus most of their time and energy on finding their own purpose in life, then they would not bother to keep up with what someone else is doing. Competing can actually be a major distraction in one’s life. While wasting time trying to stay ahead of the competition, one’s purpose is losing its value.

Unless you’re in a contest, there is no need to be in competition with someone, especially if that person does not know. You will find yourself doing all you can to keep that person out of the race. That is not how you compete with purpose. You compete with purpose only when you have a willing opponent. Your friend, relative, co-worker or anyone you have an alliance with should not be your opponent. You can damage a healthy relationship by being in secret competition with someone.

People who are in competition have one focus, and that’s winning. There is usually some reward or other type of recognition for achieving the winning title. Hard work and dedication to any given challenge or assignment warrant a generous acknowledgement. That is fair and purposeful. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re capable of until you’re thrown into the ring.

For those who fail to offer their effortless support just to keep someone from being one step ahead of them, it is shameful. Opportunities are not scarce because they are created every day by the ones who overcome doubt and fear. People are so afraid of losing that they believe they can claim a position in the economy by keeping someone out of the race. This won’t work for a few reasons: 1) it takes at least two to compete (If you are the only one competing, then there’s no competition) 2) the person has to enter the competition (Once again, the person has to be a willing participant) 3) contestants must comply by the rules (People who are focused and determined don’t play by the rules) 4) a judge has to announce the winners (Winners don’t need confirmation).


You see, while he or she is racing, the other person is pacing. The person who makes it to the finish line wins the race, but the one who makes it to his or her final destination earns the title. In the Olympics, the winner is not determined by winning one race. He or she has to compete multiple times before claiming the grand prize (title). Winning one race does not make you a solid winner. That’s called luck. You haven’t won until you’ve created a track record.

Instead of competing, collaborate. Synergy is created when teams compete, not individuals. Individual efforts can produce money, respect, and recognition, but collective efforts can produce wealth and power.

If you desire to compete, that’s fine. But when it comes to achieving life goals related to finances, you should not compete yet complete what you started in your own time and at your own pace. Take notes from those who are ahead of you, and commend them for their success or good fortune. When you make it to your destination, you will expect others to do likewise.

And remember…
“Make sense of what you do, and make every cent count.”

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Photo 1: Flickr. Competition by Mary Beth Griffo Rigby CC
Photo 2: Flickr. Decanation Charlety 2006 by Killeur_Lapin CC

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When You Know Better, You Do Better

It’s easy to criticize and judge the character of a lost soul, when making wise choices come easy for you. People come from different walks of life, struggles, and hardships. How you deal with your pain and disappointment might be different from that of your brother’s or sister’s. I certainly agree that malign behavior should be punishable by law – no doubt. Nonetheless, I believe all people were born innocent before being corrupted by the world. That’s why rehabilitation programs are prevailing across the country. Otherwise, more jails would be overcrowded with people who weren’t given a second chance.

I used to judge people who did not have similar morals or values as myself. I didn’t think I was better than them, but I knew I made better choices. I believe we were all born with equal potential and abilities. I could never assume that I am better than another individual when all it takes is one bad decision to gain a new identity and an unfair stigma. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s just that some of us get caught. Many of us do things intentionally and try to call it a mistake, once we are caught. As long as you grow from your mistakes or nefarious intentions, you too deserve a second chance.

Heartfelt testimonies, stories, and accounts of people’s lives have drastically increased my awareness of behavior challenges stunting personal growth and development. How is a child who has been beaten all his or her life supposed to function normally in society? How is a girl who was robbed of her innocence supposed to have trust in men? What does a boy introduced to drug dealing at an early age know about having a regular job? What does a man born to a pimp know about respecting women? What do the motherless and fatherless know about togetherness?


Some people were born into abuse, misuse, neglect, and dysfunction. Until someone directs them to the light at the end of the tunnel, they are forever in darkness and despair. You do have to make the change on your own, but someone or something has to spark a desire for you to change. Everyone has an opportunity to minister to someone at some point in life. You never know what a short, positive conversation can do for a person. It is okay to criticize, as long as you do so constructively, but don’t just sit back and judge that person as if your past is squeaky clean.

If you have a gift for encouraging, inspiring, or motivating people, use it. Sometimes, that’s all people need. If you have an awakening story or experience that might relate to what a person’s enduring, don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to share. Your testimony might lift the burden of fear and doubt. That’s why groups are formed for former alcoholics, battered women, convicts, etc. No one can relate better than a person who has had a similar experience. In groups, ideas on how to cope with certain situations are exchanged and a person’s battles/concerns are heard with considerable attention.

For every sad, sorry, or sinful individual who lost his or her way, there’s a hero just one conversation away. Make it your daily assignment to ignite someone with a positive voice. You might prevent someone from becoming a statistic.

And remember…
“Make sense of what you do, and make every cent count.”

What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear them.

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Photo 1: Flickr. Change by Sebastien Wiertz CC
Photo 2: Flickr. Tough Girls, Part 2 by Comrade King CC

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Love Has No Limits

It’s so easy to love someone who brings joy to your life.
It’s so easy to love someone who does everything right.
It’s so easy to love someone who meets your every need.
It’s so easy to love someone who wants you to succeed.

It’s so hard to forgive when that someone breaks your heart.
It’s so easy to forget that he was there from the start.
It’s so hard to move on from one bad mistake.
It’s so easy to turn that former love into hate.
It’s so hard to accept that people are going to mess up.
It’s so easy to turn your back and say you’ve had enough.

How can you get full off of one guilty plea?
How could you forget about all his good deeds?
If one wrong move causes you to give it up,
Your love was never enough to sustain anyone’s trust.

Love has no limits.
Love isn’t fake.
Love is forgiveness.
Love isn’t hate.

Love lasts forever.
Love heals all wounds.
Love brings people together.
Love does not assume.

Love is a river.
Your heart is it’s bank.
Love is a giver,
Even after one takes.

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