My Vows to You

As I take this leap of faith,
I think of the time we spent,
From the moment you crossed my path,
I knew you were heaven sent.

You stole a piece of my heart,
But I’m not pressing charges,
Crime of passion gets a pass,
For the one who fought the hardest.

I’m bent when we are apart,
But I’m broken when you are near,
Your game is a work of art,
And your love brings me to tears.

As complicated as it seems,
I’m walking the aisle of my dreams,
Choosing you was an easy decision,
But finding you was the hardest thing.

If there’s a fire, our love will put it out,
A flood, our realness will cause a drought,
A tsunami, our faith will calm the tides,
A tornado, our commitment will face the eye.

If marriage is a disaster,
I’m glad that I’m insured,
You protect me with your love,
I couldn’t ask for much more.

At this very hour,
You become my flower,
Your last name becomes mine,
And your possessions become ours.

Your needs become my needs,
Your desires I aspire,
Your problems become my problems,
Given to one who sits higher.

I give my hand in this marriage,
My plan to surpass average,
My heart to keep us bonded,
My soul to keep us grounded,
My sight to see our future,
My word and no excuses,
My fruit and all its juices,
My body and all its uses.

We’re on our way to marital bliss,
Upon the altar awaits a kiss,
Sacred vows will be exchanged,
And I will own your last name.

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Published by

Bianca A. McCormick-Johnson

In short, I’m a work of ART (Aptitude, Resolve, & Talent). My goal is to Attract, Retain, and Teach an audience between the ages of 14 to about 50 and beyond the disciplines of life. I’ve been blessed with the gift of giving knowledge and creating peace within the souls of many who are starving for spiritual satisfaction. I’m no prophet, but I do believe that I am one of God’s chosen spiritual leaders and sources of information on how to walk a straight path down a crooked road.

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