Love Has No Limits

It’s so easy to love someone who brings joy to your life.
It’s so easy to love someone who does everything right.
It’s so easy to love someone who meets your every need.
It’s so easy to love someone who wants you to succeed.

It’s so hard to forgive when that someone breaks your heart.
It’s so easy to forget that he was there from the start.
It’s so hard to move on from one bad mistake.
It’s so easy to turn that former love into hate.
It’s so hard to accept that people are going to mess up.
It’s so easy to turn your back and say you’ve had enough.

How can you get full off of one guilty plea?
How could you forget about all his good deeds?
If one wrong move causes you to give it up,
Your love was never enough to sustain anyone’s trust.

Love has no limits.
Love isn’t fake.
Love is forgiveness.
Love isn’t hate.

Love lasts forever.
Love heals all wounds.
Love brings people together.
Love does not assume.

Love is a river.
Your heart is it’s bank.
Love is a giver,
Even after one takes.

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Published by

Bianca A. McCormick-Johnson

In short, I’m a work of ART (Aptitude, Resolve, & Talent). My goal is to Attract, Retain, and Teach an audience between the ages of 14 to about 50 and beyond the disciplines of life. I’ve been blessed with the gift of giving knowledge and creating peace within the souls of many who are starving for spiritual satisfaction. I’m no prophet, but I do believe that I am one of God’s chosen spiritual leaders and sources of information on how to walk a straight path down a crooked road.

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