Beans and greens every week,
Salad and fruit every day,
One child on the hip,
One child in the play pin,
One child in the high chair
And one child working your last nerve.

Boys making trouble in the neighborhood
And acting a fool in school.
Daddy’s working a full time job,
Side jobs, and odd jobs.
So it’s all on you.

House is a wreck,
Dishes are piling up,
Clothes are stacked high as the ceiling,
Baby is about to wake up.

Daddy needs his uniform pressed.
The baby needs to be fed.
The kids need to be dropped off at school.
But you’re running out of time.
The school bell is about to sound.
So you hop in the car with your night gown on,
And Mr. Brown wants to talk to you about your child’s behavior.

Report card conference is later that day.
The light bill is due on that same day.
You’re running low on cash and gas.
You’ve just realized the baby needs pampers.
Oh, and the kids have early release.

Now the car won’t crank up,
But daddy’s at work.
Sister needs to be picked up
Because her tummy hurts.

No time to cook a meal.
So banana sandwiches will have to do.
Brother needs help with his homework,
And the nosy neighbor wants to gossip with you.

You made the impossible possible.
Tell me, “How’d you do it?”
There’s not enough time in a day
To do all you did.

I’m saved because of you.
You made me who I am today.
You instilled the best morals and values.
How could I every repay?

I didn’t get pregnant at sixteen because of you.
I didn’t cut class because of you.
I didn’t smoke or drink because of you.
I didn’t do drugs because of you.
I didn’t sell my body because of you.
I didn’t commit a crime because of you.

I did go to church because of you.
I did go to college because of you.
I did get married because of you.
I did save my marriage because of you.

I do pray because of you.
I do keep my word because of you.
I do eat healthy because of you.
And I like to write poetry because of you.

You always went above and beyond.
You never took shortcuts.
You never cared about what others thought of you,
Saying thirteen kids were too many.
I have enough siblings to open up a business,
And it’s because you saw the value
In keeping each one of us.

Who are they to judge anyway?
How dare they speak negatively of you?
You kept your family together,
You were our spiritual glue.

You never left us,
And you always made sure we had.
You dug in your purse fishing around for money,
Even if it was your last.

Today, I wear your teachings.
Today, I repeat your words.
Today, I call you my hero.
In case you haven’t heard.

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Published by

Bianca A. McCormick-Johnson

In short, I’m a work of ART (Aptitude, Resolve, & Talent). My goal is to Attract, Retain, and Teach an audience between the ages of 14 to about 50 and beyond the disciplines of life. I’ve been blessed with the gift of giving knowledge and creating peace within the souls of many who are starving for spiritual satisfaction. I’m no prophet, but I do believe that I am one of God’s chosen spiritual leaders and sources of information on how to walk a straight path down a crooked road.

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