Self-Love is the Best Love

It’s hard to love anyone else when you do not love yourself. Everyday, people look for love in all the wrong places because they can’t seem to identify that important aspect with themselves. If someone has to tell you that you are beautiful in order for you to believe it, then you do not love yourself. If the only time you feel confident is when you are looking like everyone else or doing what everyone else is doing, then you do not love yourself.

Self-love is an important trait to carry throughout life in order to get through life. If you are never satisfied with yourself, then you will never be satisfied with someone else. Men treasure women who are confident and comfortable with themselves. Most men try to live simple lives because they create their own disorder. They are not built to remember to do 110 things each day. Women create that balance. Thus, it is easy for a man to forget to tell you that you are beautiful, especially if he doesn’t see it as priority. If he is committed to you and expresses his love daily, then there is no need for the extra – not every day, at least. He feels as though he has shown you in more ways than one. Of course, women love compliments. It adds the icing on the cake. But it is one thing to want a compliment and another to actually need it to survive.

Your confidence is more attractive than your beauty. Confidence is acceptance of oneself. A confident woman does not need validation or confirmation because she knows that her make up is a work of art. She doesn’t care about being accepted by society or peers because she respects her right of ownership to who she is. Plus, she has a sense of individuality. She does not strive to be like anyone else. Her man does not make her. He only complements her. She doesn’t have to be an hour glass or coke bottle to define her beauty. She understands that beauty is deeper than the physical appearance.

Many battered, depressed, and miserable woman are beautiful on the outside. They were once beautiful on the inside as well until the enemy contaminated their spirits. I am not saying that these woman are ugly acting. But inner love cannot coexist with self-hatred. Women who hate themselves sometimes take it out on those who love them dearly, such as their children. Now, they are not only damaging to themselves but to others as well.

Life will throw us all curve balls at some point. Men will lie and cheat and repeat. Friends will betray us. People in general will disappoint us. Self-love gives you the strength to keep pushing forward because you love yourself too much to let anything keep you down. You can never love yourself too much, but you can create too much stress by not loving yourself. Nevertheless, self-love is not to be confused with embarrassing or degrading oneself. Looking or behaving ridiculously in public is not self-love. That’s just plain foolishness. In fact, it could be a sign that you don’t love yourself at all.

And remember…
“Make sense of what you do, and make every cent count.”

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Love Has No Limits

It’s so easy to love someone who brings joy to your life.
It’s so easy to love someone who does everything right.
It’s so easy to love someone who meets your every need.
It’s so easy to love someone who wants you to succeed.

It’s so hard to forgive when that someone breaks your heart.
It’s so easy to forget that he was there from the start.
It’s so hard to move on from one bad mistake.
It’s so easy to turn that former love into hate.
It’s so hard to accept that people are going to mess up.
It’s so easy to turn your back and say you’ve had enough.

How can you get full off of one guilty plea?
How could you forget about all his good deeds?
If one wrong move causes you to give it up,
Your love was never enough to sustain anyone’s trust.

Love has no limits.
Love isn’t fake.
Love is forgiveness.
Love isn’t hate.

Love lasts forever.
Love heals all wounds.
Love brings people together.
Love does not assume.

Love is a river.
Your heart is it’s bank.
Love is a giver,
Even after one takes.

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